Borim: Events

House System :  

Our school has a vibrant house system. Every pupil and staff is assigned a house; Blue- Knowledge, Green – Truth, Red – (love) Intelligence, yellow – Confidence, with student captain and student Vice captain, teacher as house master. Various activities are conducted house wise.

Staff Development :

For improving proficiency of the staff , various workshops and seminars are conducted by Dada Vaidya College of Education, Ponda, Oxford Black - swan publication and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan.

Workshop for students.

  1. Workshop on good and bad touch organized by Young India –Mumbai.

  2. Demonstration on good fire and bad fire by Ponda Fire station.

  3. Measles and Rubella Vaccination / Deworming


The Incharge being a psycho -graduate does counseling at her level and in extreme cases, students are directed to Dr. Nandita Dsouza ( Psychiatrist) Panaji at her clinic.

Clubs and activities:  

We have Science Club, Reading Club and art & craft club. Exhibitions are organized accordingly.

Competitions in School