Savoi Verem : About Us

G.V.M’s KG & Primary school (English Medium), Volvoi, Savoi-verem


School is the base for child to be something in the future. Our main aim was to secure a bright future for our students.  We started English  medium  to facilities primary education and slowly a strong bond was developed with the village community.

A school is a foundation of courage perseverance ,hard work ,constancy and many more values. These values form an integral part of a school.Integrated studies enable students to reach across traditional disciplines and explore many forms of knowledge as literacy skills are expanded beyond the traditional focus.


G.V.M’s KG & Primary school(English Medium), in Volvoi, Savoi-verem was started in the year 2007, there were 35 students and two divisions with 02 teachers with 01 non teaching staff. Today the school has 06 division with  209 students and a team of 6 teachers and  02 non teaching staff.



I wish to develop among students educational aspirations, self responsibility and to achieve great success in every field.