Krishna Raghunath Shetye Savoikar High School : About Us

  • Our S.S.C Batch 2018-19 secured 97.5% result
  • Distinction – 09
  • First Class – 13
  • Second Class – 16
  • Pass Class – 01

KRSS 2019-20

Mission Statement

G.V.M’s. Krishna Raghunath Shetye Savoikar High School respects the individual needs of children; fosters a caring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child.


Krishna Raghunath Shetye Savoikar High School was  founded on 10 June 1964 by Dr. Balkrishna Savoikar & Shri Vidyadhar Shilkar(Std. V to VIII) with the help of  local community of Savoi-Verem under Goa Vidyaprasarak Mandal and  named as Utkarsh Vidyalaya at Dhupe,Savoi-Verem.

Headmaster, Late V.M. Mathew ,Shri Vidyadhar Shilkar along with the locals toiled hard to build  the school building. Dr.Shripad Vaidya donated  land and philantropists  like Mr.Vasudev Shetye, Mr.Anand Shetye,Mr.Ashok Shetye & Mr.Sadguru Shetye ,sons of Krishna Raghunath Shetye Savoikar  financed the school building. Utakarsh Vidyalaya was renamed as Krishna Raghunath Shetye Savoikar High School , Volvoi ,Savoi-Verem in 1987.

Today Krishna Raghunath Shetye Savoikar High School, G.V.M’s. K.G. and Primary School (English and Marathi Medium) form a part of Goa Vidya Prasarak Mandal .

Having celebrated Golden Jubilee of the High School the school has grown as a premier institution in the village of  Volvoi.


We, at Krishna Raghunath Shetye Savoikar High School, Volvoi, Savoi-Verem impart education along with co-curricular activities and sports and prepare the students in the art of living and working together as a team .We inspire students to discover their potential and help them to build  their personalities.

Today the High School has 7 divisions with 281 students and a team of 11 Teachers,6 Non Teaching Staff and 3 Music Teachers who aim to bring about, the all round development of our students.

Our students did us proud by bagging laurels at the state and national level. We created a milestone by achieving 100 % result at the S.S.C. Board Examination 2015-16. This year we secured 97%.

I can proudly place on record that we have created an ambience conducive for teaching- learning activities in the school. This was possible due to wise policies of the management, co-operation of the parents and the committed efforts of the staff.


Our goal is to bring the all round development of a child through different educational activities so that the child becomes bold and fearless to face the world. Value Education is the need of  the hour .As such we try to inculcate values among the students. With this in mind we have the house system based on values such as Truth, Confidence, Knowledge and Love .  Catering  to the needs of children of different ages, in this rural area is a real challenge for all of us. However our passion, dedication and teamwork help us to conquer all setbacks and hurdles and march towards our goals.

Mrs.Romana F. Crasto